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This is the community for YaoiSuki, a yaoi review site. Please note that this site contains homosexual materials, so if you don't like it, don't click. Adult materials are also available on the site, but you must be of legal age and registered on the site to view them.

YaoiSuki and this community are run by jordanmarks and jensuki.


1. You must be 18/of legal age to view pornographic materials to join. If we are made aware that you are underage, we will remove you from the community. If you are underage, you are welcome to friend the community so that you can see updates to the site and non-NC17 materials, but please don't join the community.

2. General behavior guidelines:
- Play nice. That means no trolling, no flame wars, etc.
- Swearing is allowed, just don't swear for swearing's sake.

3. Posting:
- This comm has become purely a mirror of YaoiSuki.net. Only Jen and Jordan have posting access.

Other things worth noting:

- You may have noticed that YaoiSuki is all about attitude. Don't worry, we're perfectly friendly and open, but we do reserve the right to make fun of certain things (*cough*cough*naruto*cough*cough*), with the understanding that it's all in good fun. And you can tell us if we're being too mean ;)

- We are seriously paranoid about this 18+ only thing. We are just a couple of doofy girls who are running a website, and we do NOT want to get in trouble for providing-- or assisting in the providing of --adult materials to minors. PLEASE do not get us in trouble.

- Have fun! Be crazy! Boys having sex with boys yay!